I don’t like blueberries anymore (in progress)

this installation is still in progress (2024)

bass shaker, speaker wire, blueberry farms, top surgery, subwoofer plate, a deepening voice, sound pitched to sub frequencies, testosterone

This speculative installation about disassociation, silence, and trembling. The sound is perceived through vibration and quadraphonic speaker array. The content of the sound is taken from personal conversations within a community I once called home, pitched down to frequencies below 20Hz; rendering the sound imperceptible to the ear, only felt through touch. This intentional silencing mirrors the current atmosphere of erasure faced by trans individuals in Tennessee. The ceramic components consist of meticulously crafted porcelain tiles, each adorned with laser-etched images derived from those very conversations. Recently I have recently been experimenting with added pieces of the interviews to begin to reveal the narrative a bit more.

installation view

porcelain tiles